5 Best Wines for Beginners

If you’re a fan of new white wines and want to try out their different types, here are the best white wines recommended for beginners like you:


Chardonnay is fermented and exclusively made of stainless steel, which helps it produce bright and fresh wines with a beautiful tropical flavor. It is often described as buttery and creamy with a touch of oak, but there are also different types of chardonnay, such as Kim Crawford and Yalumba, which do not have an oak flavor at all.

Chardonnay is a white wine that is hard to combine with food. However, by combining it with food, you must adhere to a good rule: the more substantial the dish, the harder it is to drink a variety of Chardonnay. For example, great wine, heavy, and cream like room power go well with heavy dishes like fried chicken or tender pork.


Riesling wines range from dry to dessert, making them a good wine for beginners. They are mainly produced from Australia, Austria, Germany, California, New York, Washington, France, and New Zealand.

When choosing German Riesling, look for the word “Kabinett” in the bottle if you prefer your wine for a sweet color. Other varieties, such as the Rieslings in New York and Washington, usually tell you that they are dry or sweet. Riesling goes well with Chinese, Caribbean, Indian, Thai and other spicy foods.

Pinot Grigio

One of the best white wines is Pinot Grigio. Freshness, sensitivity and excellent fruit taste have made it a trendy white wine in the United States, especially for new wine lovers. Being very light, fresh and beautiful,

Pinot Grigio is another white wine that is difficult to combine with food. They can be paired with snacks, fruits, and light salads, but not much, because even very light fish can overcome the sensitivity of Pinot Grigio.


This wine before dinner. This is usually what you get before you go to the table for dinner, like a snack.
Usually, those are sweet (not bad), some with a taste of strawberries or other fruits.

Barley wine:

This is a very strong wine, up to 12 percent of alcohol, I’m not sure it will go well with food, I usually don’t drink liquor, and typically have a robust taste, and if I have something healthy, I prefer alcohol then.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc tends to have a strong fruity taste. Sauvignon Blanc’s most popular varieties come from Bordeaux, California, and the Loire Valley in France and New Zealand. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanca usually tastes like mature grapefruit with a touch of green pepper, making it a favorite among wine lovers.

The citrus acidity at Sauvignon Blanc makes a great pair of seafood such as white fish, crustaceans, mollusks, mussels, flounder, haddock and sole. No matter how willing they are.